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We offer rentable single space, partial buyouts or full venue buyouts. Need info and pricing? Fill out a request form for more information.

Daddy Long Deck (outdoors) | up to 100 guests seating/standing

Wanna be outside the box at your next event? Party on our Large Container Deck with stunning views of the yard with reception style table set ups and overhead roofing with fans. This area is accessible by stairs only and sorry, no heaters or misters.

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The Watch Tower (outdoors)

Our Small Container Deck oversees the Yard with a fun outlook over the street. This space features reception style table set up. This area is accessible by stairs only and sorry, no heaters, fans, or misters. Up to 30 guests seating/standing.

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Karaoke Disco Dojo (indoors)

Dripping with vintage vibes - the Record Karaoke Room takes you back in time. This room features 2 microphones, 3 televisions, and a DISCO ball to get your groove on. Grab a mic, grab a drink and get your setlist started. Whatever you fancy, we've got the tunes to make it happen. Up to 12 guests.

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Full Venue Buyout

Includes private access to all spaces listed above + Ferris Wheel rides, the yard area, multiple bars, cheesesteak dining area and food trucks. Up to 900 guests.

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If you have questions regarding a party at Truck Yard, please submit an Event Request form.

Note: New Event Requests cannot be made over the phone. Event details should be sent using the Event Request Form.